Asklepios has its roots in group of people who were interested in Qigong and Tai Chi research, many of whom were on the National Qigong Association Research & Education Committee. In 2014 they agreed to work together to organize Tai Chi and Qigong research information (utilizing the already-existing resources listed in the sources page on this website) and adding/supplementing wherever there were gaps. The people who worked together on this project were:

  • Gary Giamboi
  • Alan Graham
  • Lauro Medina Jr.
  • Maryann P. DiEdwardo
  • Eric Imbody
  • Kathy Levac
  • CJ Rhoads
  • Matthew F. Komelski
  • Robert Brown
  • Garth Henry
  • Siobhan Hutchinson
  • Penny Klein

While this group eventually stopped meeting regularly due to time and space constraints (darn those limitation!), the work that they started was carried on by Penny Klein and CJ Rhoads who continue doing and supporting high quality integrative medical research through this organization in a myriad of ways, including sponsoring symposiums and conferences, working on and publishing research, publishing a research agenda, and helping and supporting other researchers studying the topic of tai chi, qigong, meditation, and other integrative health practices that have shown promise for treating a wide variety of illnesses.